YouTube Outage [16/10/2018] - Effect on reports

YouTube had an outage recently. Their services were down between 1:30am until around 5:00am UTC. For those who were affected by this and had their reports declined on our website due to the evidence not being available, we kindly ask that you file a new report with the same evidence. Make sure that you also include a link to the previously declined report due to that reason.


Always building something
The people responsible for creating the mod and ensuring the servers keep running.

_J-M's avatar
_J-M - Developer -
CJMAXiK's avatar
CJMAXiK - Developer -
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HumaneWolf - Developer -
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Kat_pw - Developer -
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Krashnz - Developer -
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mwl4 - Developer -
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ShawnCZek - Developer -
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Tuxy Fluffyclaws - Developer -

Project Manager

Where should the project go next?
These people make sure we're all headed in the correct direction.

Scar's avatar
Scar - Project Manager -

Vice Project Manager

Where should the project go next?
These people make sure we're all headed in the correct direction.

konfig0's avatar
konfig0 - Vice Project Manager -
Smoky_TMP's avatar
Smoky_TMP - Vice Project Manager -

Community Manager

Facebook, Twitter, Forums
They do it all to interact with our users and fans!

[LKW Tr.] Kap's avatar
[LKW Tr.] Kap - Community Manager -
Pillow_'s avatar
Pillow_ - Community Manager -
Prime's avatar
Prime - Community Manager -
Trucking Australia's avatar
Trucking Australia - Community Manager -
Wheezy's avatar
Wheezy - Community Manager -

Media Manager

The best picture of the month and other community projects. Making sure that amazing assets are being created.

Sgt_Tailor's avatar
Sgt_Tailor - Media Manager -

Game Manager

Authors of the game rules you kindly follow.
Managing event servers, rules and the Game Moderator team.

Aestrial's avatar
Aestrial - Game Manager -
Anriandor's avatar
Anriandor - Game Manager -
LIGHTOFGOD - Game Manager -
marco6158's avatar
marco6158 - Game Manager -

Add-On Manager

Modifying the game to make the multiplayer experience even more amazing! Ensuring that everything complies with the rules and is up to the highest quality standards.

Forerunner's avatar
Forerunner - Add-On Manager -

Event Manager

Convoys, Truckfests or Public Races? Managing the Event Team and providing convoy control during official events.

Digital's avatar
Digital - Event Manager -

Support Manager

Standing ready for the unsolvable! Overseeing the Support Team and checking the quality to help solve issues quickly.

Lorena*'s avatar
Lorena* - Support Manager -
MHT_'s avatar
MHT_ - Support Manager -

Community Moderation Manager

On the forum, Discord or the Facebook group - making sure rules are being followed. These people are in charge of the Community Moderators.

ChrisPatrols's avatar
ChrisPatrols - Community Moderation Manager -
KhaosHammer's avatar
KhaosHammer - Community Moderation Manager -
Nataliia's avatar
Nataliia - Community Moderation Manager -

Game Moderator Leader

Training, coaching and supporting.
These friendly people help our game moderators and ensure punishments are issued fairly.

[Интегра] Folriden's avatar
[Интегра] Folriden - Game Moderator Leader -
[Интегра] ResTed's avatar
[Интегра] ResTed - Game Moderator Leader -
Aragon's avatar
Aragon - Game Moderator Leader -
BlocKing's avatar
BlocKing - Game Moderator Leader -
DerAmpelmann's avatar
DerAmpelmann - Game Moderator Leader -
GGF MD's avatar
GGF MD - Game Moderator Leader -
immortal766's avatar
immortal766 - Game Moderator Leader -
JeffSFC's avatar
JeffSFC - Game Moderator Leader -
K0rnholio's avatar
K0rnholio - Game Moderator Leader -
Krewlex's avatar
Krewlex - Game Moderator Leader -

Game Moderator

Throw out a "hey ya!" when you see them!
Protecting the roads from rammers, blockers and the unscrupulous.

҉ Killua  // Ireland ^_^'s avatar
҉ Killua // Ireland ^_^ - Game Moderator -
[F-T M] FreZyFaiL's avatar
[F-T M] FreZyFaiL - Game Moderator -
[LKW Tr.] bobi124's avatar
[LKW Tr.] bobi124 - Game Moderator -
[LKW Tr.] Martin's avatar
[LKW Tr.] Martin - Game Moderator -
[S.PLH]Warrior's avatar
[S.PLH]Warrior - Game Moderator -
[WT] AlexXX's avatar
[WT] AlexXX - Game Moderator -
Adrian22-PL's avatar
Adrian22-PL - Game Moderator -
Akoa's avatar
Akoa - Game Moderator -
aluizio''s avatar
aluizio' - Game Moderator -
Armonk's avatar
Armonk - Game Moderator -
Babou71's avatar
Babou71 - Game Moderator -
Bonnm's avatar
Bonnm - Game Moderator -
BoSsik2's avatar
BoSsik2 - Game Moderator -
Bull [NL]'s avatar
Bull [NL] - Game Moderator -
CaptainKostaZ's avatar
CaptainKostaZ - Game Moderator -
Chris I Camox's avatar
Chris I Camox - Game Moderator -
Coppekss's avatar
Coppekss - Game Moderator -
CreatorInDeep's avatar
CreatorInDeep - Game Moderator -
Cyrusj's avatar
Cyrusj - Game Moderator -
DanRO's avatar
DanRO - Game Moderator -
darkneon2002's avatar
darkneon2002 - Game Moderator -
David Edson's avatar
David Edson - Game Moderator -
DesertEagle26's avatar
DesertEagle26 - Game Moderator -
DeviLee's avatar
DeviLee - Game Moderator -
dualznz's avatar
dualznz - Game Moderator -
Frosty.'s avatar
Frosty. - Game Moderator -
HerrSwizz's avatar
HerrSwizz - Game Moderator -
heyhococo's avatar
heyhococo - Game Moderator -
Istanbullue's avatar
Istanbullue - Game Moderator -
Judge of the Nights's avatar
Judge of the Nights - Game Moderator -
Kayr0's avatar
Kayr0 - Game Moderator -
Keezome's avatar
Keezome - Game Moderator -
KGT  xTH3xMoDsZx  Owner's avatar
KGT xTH3xMoDsZx Owner - Game Moderator -
LadyAndromeda's avatar
LadyAndromeda - Game Moderator -
legress's avatar
legress - Game Moderator -
Majster's avatar
Majster - Game Moderator -
Marlon S. Xaviera's avatar
Marlon S. Xaviera - Game Moderator -
Meitt's avatar
Meitt - Game Moderator -
Mike Dragon's avatar
Mike Dragon - Game Moderator -
MikeOG's avatar
MikeOG - Game Moderator -
MrSirViking's avatar
MrSirViking - Game Moderator -
Nathan's avatar
Nathan - Game Moderator -
Sgt Salt's avatar
Sgt Salt - Game Moderator -
SLAUGHTEER - Game Moderator -
slushbro's avatar
slushbro - Game Moderator -
Speedy_TMP's avatar
Speedy_TMP - Game Moderator -
Strik's avatar
Strik - Game Moderator -
SuliHD's avatar
SuliHD - Game Moderator -
SuperMouse's avatar
SuperMouse - Game Moderator -
Syntackz's avatar
Syntackz - Game Moderator -
Syntog's avatar
Syntog - Game Moderator -
TeamDeer's avatar
TeamDeer - Game Moderator -
Terry A's avatar
Terry A - Game Moderator -
The Scottish Lad's avatar
The Scottish Lad - Game Moderator -
VagAssLau's avatar
VagAssLau - Game Moderator -
verbeekrj2903(NL/ENG)'s avatar
verbeekrj2903(NL/ENG) - Game Moderator -
W4chund's avatar
W4chund - Game Moderator -
WarMaz's avatar
WarMaz - Game Moderator -
White Wolf.'s avatar
White Wolf. - Game Moderator -
XioPlay's avatar
XioPlay - Game Moderator -
Yoyo_ManSg's avatar
Yoyo_ManSg - Game Moderator -

Trial Game Moderator

You have to start somewhere, right?
These people are being taught how to use our rule enforcement tools.

-VOYVODA-'s avatar
-VOYVODA- - Trial Game Moderator -
-XCE-'s avatar
-XCE- - Trial Game Moderator -
[AHL] Aek177's avatar
[AHL] Aek177 - Trial Game Moderator -
Haulvoc's avatar
Haulvoc - Trial Game Moderator -
iHobbit's avatar
iHobbit - Trial Game Moderator -
LSPD Gamer's avatar
LSPD Gamer - Trial Game Moderator -
Matt #CarLadMatt's avatar
Matt #CarLadMatt - Trial Game Moderator -
MrCipr's avatar
MrCipr - Trial Game Moderator -
NeonLeon's avatar
NeonLeon - Trial Game Moderator -
Nody's avatar
Nody - Trial Game Moderator -
Olioak's avatar
Olioak - Trial Game Moderator -
PsychicznyMajster's avatar
PsychicznyMajster - Trial Game Moderator -
Rev.'s avatar
Rev. - Trial Game Moderator -
Smalley's avatar
Smalley - Trial Game Moderator -
sshadmin's avatar
sshadmin - Trial Game Moderator -
StickyEagle's avatar
StickyEagle - Trial Game Moderator -


Need help? They are here!
Feel free to reach out to them whenever you have a question or issue.

[WTLVTC] ismail [TR]'s avatar
[WTLVTC] ismail [TR] - Support -
AdaBey's avatar
AdaBey - Support -
Ali.'s avatar
Ali. - Support -
Asatelon's avatar
Asatelon - Support -
bluesbass's avatar
bluesbass - Support -
CrackPrewier's avatar
CrackPrewier - Support -
DJFrontier's avatar
DJFrontier - Support -
Dominik (iFlufy)'s avatar
Dominik (iFlufy) - Support -
Dr'Dri's avatar
Dr'Dri - Support -
El1teZombiezHD's avatar
El1teZombiezHD - Support -
EPS!LON's avatar
EPS!LON - Support -
Forz0214's avatar
Forz0214 - Support -
gromm99[SWE/DK]'s avatar
gromm99[SWE/DK] - Support -
Gun Powder's avatar
Gun Powder - Support -
IethaI's avatar
IethaI - Support -
King^'s avatar
King^ - Support -
MattR_TMP's avatar
MattR_TMP - Support -
Mirrland's avatar
Mirrland - Support -
novice's avatar
novice - Support -
OBrasileiro's avatar
OBrasileiro - Support -
Prototype's avatar
Prototype - Support -
SedaTheKing's avatar
SedaTheKing - Support -
TimeTimes's avatar
TimeTimes - Support -
WhiteTiger_TMP's avatar
WhiteTiger_TMP - Support -
XFMaster9666's avatar
XFMaster9666 - Support -

Trial Support

We can help, too!
Ask them a question and put their knowledge to the test.

[WTLVTC]  DubStepMad's avatar
[WTLVTC] DubStepMad - Trial Support -
Faern's avatar
Faern - Trial Support -
Kubuntu's avatar
Kubuntu - Trial Support -

Trial Game Mod Observer

They are here to learn the basics - what does it take to be a Game Mod?

Positivetrucking168's avatar
Positivetrucking168 - Trial Game Mod Observer -
Xiolin's avatar
Xiolin - Trial Game Mod Observer -

Community Moderator

Keeping the community clean and tidy
Drop them a friendly hello, just please don't spam :)

Albert.'s avatar
Albert. - Community Moderator -
Dziada's avatar
Dziada - Community Moderator -
IOP_'s avatar
IOP_ - Community Moderator -
JessyNyan's avatar
JessyNyan - Community Moderator -
LUIG's avatar
LUIG - Community Moderator -
Mariio's avatar
Mariio - Community Moderator -
Moh_'s avatar
Moh_ - Community Moderator -
Shadii [PL/ENG]'s avatar
Shadii [PL/ENG] - Community Moderator -
weezy's avatar
weezy - Community Moderator -
ян Powerful's avatar
ян Powerful - Community Moderator -

Media Team

Images, videos, live streams and events.
Creativity knows no limits for this team.

[VIVA] LaxZ's avatar
[VIVA] LaxZ - Media Team -
¦EUROTRANS¦ chatyo [FR]'s avatar
¦EUROTRANS¦ chatyo [FR] - Media Team -
Domi7237's avatar
Domi7237 - Media Team -
Zelcrum's avatar
Zelcrum - Media Team -


Invulnerable, immortal and always working. We are what you would like to be.

Bot Botdottir's avatar
Bot Botdottir - Bot -

Event Team

Offering convoy control, planning amazing events such as races and offering useful advice. Don't know how to make your event successful? Ask them!

[GlobEx] Numb3r2's avatar
[GlobEx] Numb3r2 - Event Team -
[LKW Tr.] Adam's avatar
[LKW Tr.] Adam - Event Team -
[WTLVTC - Owner] Senka's avatar
[WTLVTC - Owner] Senka - Event Team -
kNex FaNz's avatar
kNex FaNz - Event Team -
M.J.'s avatar
M.J. - Event Team -
NoTime4name's avatar
NoTime4name - Event Team -
Racyen's avatar
Racyen - Event Team -
TFM DJ ccowie's avatar
TFM DJ ccowie - Event Team -
Trucking French's avatar
Trucking French - Event Team -

Add-On Team

Creating additional modifications for the multiplayer. Got an idea what must be part of TruckersMP? Tell them and they will see what is possible!

CroTruckTMP's avatar
CroTruckTMP - Add-On Team -
Lasse_'s avatar
Lasse_ - Add-On Team -