Privacy Policy

This policy explains what, how and why we collect certain information when accessing and using services provided by TruckersMP. It also explains how we use and disclose information. We do not sell or otherwise share email addresses with 3rd parties unless otherwise specified.

1. Basics

1.1 Definitions

When we say "we", "us", "the team", "ETS2MP" or "ATSMP" we are refering to "TruckersMP". When we say "you", "player" or "member" we are refering to registrant on any of our services.

We create and manage a gaming platform for SCS Software's(from here on known as "SCS") games "Euro Truck Simulator 2"(ETS2) and "American Truck Simulator"(ATS) to let you interact with other members in a massively multiplayer online(MMO) fassion.

TruckersMP is not in any shape or form affiliated with SCS.

1.2 Changes

If there is any changes to this policy we will post them on our website. Any changes will be effective from the date they are posted. Changes will not affect any information we have already collected about you. If you do not agree to our changes you will have to terminate all use of our software and contact support to deactivate your account.

1.3 Questions

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact support or post on our forums.

2. What we collect

2.1 Information you provide to us

When you register you provide information such as your username, email address and attach a steam account to your TruckersMP account where we then will also collect ownership information of ATS and ETS2, if you contact support Information you share there is also collected. By providing this information you agree to it's use acording to this privacy policy and our Terms of Use.

2.2 Information from usage

We may get information about how and when you use the service. This information may include your IP address, time, date, browser used, game used, chat messages and personal messages.

2.3 Cookies

We use cookies (small strings stored on your computer by your browser) to enhance the experience of our website, our service can not function without them, if you don't want this please discontinue all use of TruckersMP's services.

2.4 3rd Parties

We have 3rd party measurements done to monitor performance of our website, they gather browser information such as brand and version as well as opperating system version, they also get your IP Address. This information is stored and processed within the United States of America(USA).

3. Information disclosure

3.1 What we disclose on the website

We disclose only username, registration date, promotions(ie. becomming a part of the team), and punishments recieved in-game. In addition we show information you enter when editing your profile, such as your profile bio, links to other social media, et cetera.

3.2 Data exports

You may export the data we have about you in our systems, by going to your account settings. This dump includes, but is not limited to, your account information, account editing logs, feedback tickets, bans, reports, appeals, and similar.

3.3 Other

We may also provide information to law-enforcement if so required by law and court order is provided, or in cases where you decide to go public on our forums we may disclose information provided to in eg. a ban appeal or web report.

4. Security

4.1 Notice of breach of security

Nobody is safe from hackers, if a security breach causes unauthorized access that may put your information at risk, such as email address and password, we will notify you as soon as we can via our website, forums, and/or email depending on severity of the breach.

4.2 Safeguarding your information

TruckersMP stores your passwords in a hashed form(one-way cryptographical function), and employs strong access control to access our servers. Access to all systems are granted on a need-to-have basis.

4.3 Location of storage

All live data is stored within the European Union. Copies of live data may be used during development in any juristiction where TruckersMP Developers are located(including, but not limited to, United States of America and EFTA).