2018 flashback

Hello fellow truckers!

2019 has been kicked off nicely, but we still have 1 thing left to do to close off 2018 officially. Lets start up that time machine and look back at the highlights of 2018!

TruckersMP development

This year has been one productive year in terms of website and modification development. Long nights were spent working on supporting each game version starting from 1.30 in January up to 1.33 in December.

The modification underwent through additions such as introduction of /fix command around the servers, addition of the caravan or the Scout car being remade. The addition of the /fix command was the first decision where we have made sure the public stated their opinion and decided themselves whether they want such change or not. With the feedback received we have the command disabled on Simulation servers such as EU1. The command is very helpful if you come across unpleasant experience on your journey, with one command you may still carry on driving! Later on in the year we have added the caravan trailer to the Scout car in order to give it some purpose on our servers, you may now deliver some loads. As well as the caravan, we had Global speed limiter introduced. We had spotted a big link with speed and the amount of accidents out on our servers, with patterns being made we decided to enforce a speed limit of 150km/h on our servers. Whilst this can become a limit of some sort, it is still a high enough speed to travel at if you wish to. This change had brought a major decrease in the number of reports, accidents and unpleasant experiences out on our servers. This year had ended with the Scout car being re done. There had been additions of LED lights, for both Pilot and Police car, physics were improved and the car has been refurbished with little features. Of course with a lot more being done, those were the highlights of the year.


Not only the modification has had plentiful amounts of work put into it, but also our website. The year started with little changes such as player count being added to the home page, but also Feedback now has different categories to select from, enabling the faster, and more efficient distribution within the team, and of course faster replies! Half way through the year we have decided to hide player's ban history, giving them an option of Public/Private history. This allowed players to have some privacy and ability to hide their past. Additionally with GDPR coming we enabled the players to delete their account after going through a series of questions, making sure it is not done by accident. The year had ended with a new support system being enrolled, fully developed by us. The Report and News pages had also been overhauled giving them a bright shiny modern look, very pleasant to the eye! Those are some, and not all the changes that have happened, however those mentioned ones have highly contributed to what the website is now, at the end of 2018, courtesy of our Dev team. The website has gone from version 2.4.0 to 2.5.0.

GDPR changes

TruckersMP forum

During the year the forum received a few changes. The first of these changes is the rework of the forum suggestions. Originally all suggestions were categorised as mod or website. After the rework they are now categorised as Add-on, forum, game, website and other.

The colours of the many different forum ranks were also received some love and got a complete overhaul. In the community section a new category was added: Hot topics. In this new section a new discussion topic would be created for everyone to discuss every 2 weeks.


Other news

Early on in the year was a special moment for the game moderation team as for the very first time ever public recruitment for the team was opened up. Shortly after a new solution to counter hacking was introduced that could still provide the players a way out of accidents without having to leave the road to the service centre: the /fix command. With the original implementation causing a lot of controversy it was revised shortly after to have a 10 minute cooldown, only repair tractor damage and not being available on simulation servers.

By the end of January we reached a new milestone in the TruckersMP history books: 2 million registered users. Together with that we also introduced a new concept to the community: community contributors. This is a special role within the community to acknowledge the work of those community members who put in the work to create an amazing experience for all of us and showcasing good vibes and behaviour.


Skipping forward to March when we consolidated the convoy control team into a new event team and make them a full part of the TruckersMP team. The reason behind this was to have a dedicated team to plan the official TruckersMP events and take away the overload from the Media team who were until then planning the events so that they could focus on creating content.

Early in April we did a big overhaul in our in-game rules to set clear rules on what can and can not be done through save editing. During the course of the year these save editing rules have been revised a few times to improve them. On that same day the global speed limit of 150 km/h was also introduced. From that point on all servers have a speed limit of 150km/h with the exception of simulation server which continue to be limited at 110km/h.

By the end of April another new team was introduced: the Add-on team. This new team would be responsible of creating new assets for the mod and maintaining existing ones. Some examples of the work they have done throughout the year: creation of the caravan for the car, a rework of the scout car and a map edit on ATS to compensate the massive traffic flow during the Big Sur event. Shortly after that we celebrated the 4th anniversary of TruckersMP and the 100th blogpost. By that point we passed 2.1 million registered players!


Skipping forward another month to the end of May where we did another relatively large change to the structure of the TruckersMP team. At this point we consolidated the forum and discord moderators in 1 single team: community moderators. This was done to make managing those teams more efficient as their respective members were doing the same job, only being distinguished by different platforms. Later on the social media team was also moved to the community moderation team.

By the end of the summer we launched our first big satisfaction survey to gauge on a large scale the perception of the community on the different aspects of the mod and the team where before we were dependant on various input through many different channels. There was a large response with over 4000 players responding to the survey!

In September and October there were 2 significant changes to the mod and website. Firstly the recruitment system was revised after many suggestions, feedback and discussions on players joining the team that had several bans to their name. From that point on it is no longer possible to apply to an open position on the team if you have more than 3 bans to your name. Secondly, with the release of player owned trailers a decision had to be made on the use of double outside their native area (Scandinavia). The decision was made to allow them everywhere with the exception of heavily populated areas. With a change to the mod they would automatically be kicked from the server if they entered that area.

November saw another 2 changes. Firstly a new team was created: Human resources. This new team would be responsible of managing recruitment for open positions and handle internal staff related issues. Secondly a stream calendar was added to provide everyone a good overview on when streams would be live rather than having streams starting unplanned at random times.


Lastly, near the very end of the year after a lot of work to solve the distribution of winter mod, it is finally available!

winter mod



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