Public Convoy 26th November 2017

19 Nov 15:31

Hi everyone,

On Sunday November 26th at 18:00 - 20:30 UTC we will be having a public convoy on American Truck Simulator. This time, we will be driving in the New Mexico DLC! Here is a tool to help with the time conversion:

The convoy will be open to everyone, There will be convoy control participating, who will guide and make sure nobody gets lost during the event. As the convoy takes place on a dedicated server, the convoy control are allowed to block other roads. Another note: Please do not arrive with heavy cargo trailers.

We will be starting off at the the rest station on Route 40 just south of Albuquerque as you can see on the route map below. Please arrive with a truck+trailer, Scout cars will only be allowed to be driven by administration and convoy control.

Planned convoy Route:


This event will be streamed on

We hope you enjoy,

-TruckersMP Team

TruckersMP T-Shirts are coming back!

17 Nov 20:38

Hi guys,

We have decided to release a limited run of TruckersMP branded Tshirts, hoodies and mugs through TeeSpring and these can be found here:

We have decided to bring back the TruckersMP T-Shirts, hoodies and mugs for a limited time in order to get them before Christmas. I hope you enjoy. Check out for the link.

This offer is limited to 16 days and will expire on Sunday the 3rd of December at 11:59PM BST so get them while you can!

All items come in Black and Blue, although blues may vary.

Now, before this is all said and done, there's also another announcement that I'm making on my Twitch Stream tonight at at 6:30PM AEST - 9PM AEST. This stream is my normal TruckersMP Admin Troll Patrol so please ensure you're tuned in for that.


T-Shirt: €20

Hoodie: €30

Mug: €11

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Community Success Stories Part 4 - RomaniaElite Create History

29 Oct 17:59

Dear Players!

Welcome to the fourth edition of truckersmp Community Stories where each edition we feature a story about you guys! The idea of this is to bring the community further together, get to know each other and share our success stories.

Romanian Elite

On the 28th of October The Romanian Company organized a national convoy and invited most Romanian companies and neighboring companies from the Balkans to the 3rd edition of their convoys. The convoy was held to celebrate the company admin Sgt Salt’s birthday and also to reunite all the Romanian communities together. Last time RomaniaElit held a convoy it raised a record of 278 trucks which for east Europe was a record at the time. This time they were given a private server and police cars were given to the escorts of the convoy. The convoy this time had a record of 303 trucks which creates history for Romanian convoys and for truckersmp in general. This number has been beaten before but for a Romanian company to organize such a event in a week is amazing and we want to congratulate RomaniaElit on their Convoy. Romania Elit would like to congratulate: Ro Continental, Ro Cargo, Ro Harley Trans, Ro Polar Trans, Ro Tera Trafic, Ro speed Trans, Ro Dacia Trans, Ro Trans Alpina, Banat Cargo Trans, Black Express and Balkan Trans for their participation in this event!

Written by Sgt Salt.

The convoy video can be seen on Mr Bandit’s Channel here:

Couple pictures from Convoy:



Community Success Stories Part 3 - TruckersMP Community Radios (2/3)

18 Oct 14:46

Dear Players!

Welcome to the third edition of TruckersMP Community Stories where each edition we feature a story about you guys! The idea of this is to bring the community further together, get to know each other and share our success stories.



Truckers.FM is a non-profit community radio station that broadcasts 24 hours a day, bringing your favourite tunes right to your in-cab radio on ETS2 and ATS. Our shows range from chart toppers on the ‘Weekend Countdown’ to a relaxed ‘TFM and Chill’ with DJ Mark. Our fantastic team of volunteer presenters from around the globe dedicate their time to the station, taking song requests, giving shout-outs to drivers. twitch streamers and gamers as they truck across the the world of TruckersMP. At TruckersFM we are centered around the community, We love to help advertise Virtual Trucking Companies, convoys and the latest community events, such as Truckfests. We also provide our listeners with real-time traffic updates (Especially between Calais and Duisburg!) via the Twitch CCTV Cameras from Kat_PW.

Truckers.FM is dedicated to working with the community, and have supported many Virtual Trucking Companies and TMP Events. In the two years we have been around, TFM has raised money for Charity drives with Flagship Events, Have supported the release of American Truck Simulator & New DLC’s and have been featured in a blog post from the wonderful team at SCS Software. We have highlighted the amazing work of the TruckersMP team with a live Q&A on air with Clarkinator, become officially partnered with Discord to bring together an amazing community with over 2000 members, provided a free platform for VTC’s, Twitch streamers and communities to advertise on, and provided the latest in SCS Software and TruckersMP news to our social media following of over 8000 strong.

TruckersFM prides itself in providing high quality entertainment to drivers in-game, online or on the go, but running a radio station like TFM is no easy task; it takes a team of 50+ members to keep things running smoothly. From Troll Patrol Admin Chris to Mellow Magic Mark, It’s all in a day’s work for the wonderful team at TFM Towers! So far this year, TFM has taken in over 110,000+ requests from avid listeners, over 5000 hours of live shows and have even had listeners into the thousands during special events such as TFM #ONE with the support of SCS Software and Scania.

“We are proud of our incredible team and what we have created here” says TFM Admin Jon. “We knew from the moment we started that it wouldn’t be easy, but we also knew how much we would enjoy supporting and entertaining the TruckersMP community.” It all sparked from an idea put together by the original founding members of TFM: Pascal (@TFM_Pascal), Alex (@TFM_London), Mark (@TFM_Mark), and Chris (@ChrisPatrols), who, along with many of the volunteer presenters and staff, make up the popular radio station. “It is the trucking community, we are most grateful for” says London. “Without their support throughout our time on the air, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

We are especially grateful for our patreon supporters who ensure the upkeep of TruckersFM with their generous support.

For more information, you can visit their website and social media:
TruckersFM Site: http://Truckers.FM
TruckersFM Facebook:
TruckersFM Twitter:

(By: LondonLad)

Related: TFM TWO

Here is some images of people listening to TFM in real life trucks!


The end of Teamspeak 3

16 Oct 19:20

Since the early days of TruckersMP, we've linked to a 3rd party Teamspeak 3 server under and later

1st November, we will remove these links, since we now have an official discord, it doesn't make sense for us to keep these links, since we have no say on how it's run.

If you want to keep connecting to the teamspeak 3 server, make sure to log on to it and note down it's official address, as after November 1st, those links will no longer work.

Community Success Stories Part 2 - TruckersMP Community Radios (1/3)

08 Oct 16:41

Dear Players!

Welcome to the second edition of TruckersMP Community Stories where each edition we feature a story about you guys! The idea of this is to bring the community further together, get to know each other and share our success stories. Keep on reading to find out how to get your story featured in the future!



ThisIsQHR is an online radio station "bringing you the best music" 24/7 with live shows from their presenters. Starting as an idea by DJ Louise, along with a couple of friends, QHR became a thing!

This is QHR started with 8 presenters in March of 2017, since having joined and some move on to better opportunities.

Currently QHR has 12 presenters and are always looking for new presenters to join their team! QHR are willing to give anyone who wishes to join the chance, as long as said person meets their application criteria. QHR'S current presenters are from across the world varying ages starting from 18.

For more information, you can visit their website and social media:
ThisIsQHR Site: qhrsite
ThisIsQHR Facebook: fbqhr
(By: Mark - Radio Manager)



EuroTruckRadio re-launched in January 2017 with only Ajax & TruckerTom on the team. Which gradually grew to 10 DJ’s. Since the relaunch, ETR has changed in both its appearance and size. We enlisted the help of TheUnknownNo to build a brand-new website, and we launched that new website back in April. We were then added into the games Euro Truck Simulator & American Truck Simulator in May which was an amazing milestone. The audience rapidly grew with regular people tuning in and requesting every day. The team of volunteers now stands at 25 DJ's alongside 2 Events Managers, 1 Moderator, 2 Admins and our Web Developer.

At ETR we are always working on new weekly events and shows, such as our own BigTop40 show, to our weekday breakfast shows.

We aspire to make EuroTruckRadio a fun and friendly community where people can interact with each other. We host weekly events on a Sunday evening all around the roads of Europe and even recently started our own Minecraft Server.

EuroTruckRadio hosted a charity event on the 22nd of July as a memorial to Bradley Lowery, along with our Events Management Team, we organised the event from Newcastle To Plymouth, with red and white trucks, which were the same colours as the football team he supported. There was a good turnout with over 60 truckers coming together to support the event.

The EuroTruckRadio Discord group of 200+ Staff & Listeners is an active and friendly place with advertising opportunity for your VTC or Event. We release all the top-secret information about what's going on in ETR there first! Discord is the hub of our community interaction, and is where the listeners can leave suggestions, and interact with our friendly staff team.

Finally on behalf of EuroTruckRadio Management team, we would like to thank everyone who supports the community radio, either via patreon, or just the support and amazing feedback we get from everyone on discord and that has helped to make EuroTruckRadio what it is today. We hope to further grow in the future in size of team and audience.

For more information, you can visit their website and social media:
EuroTruckRadio Site: etrsite
EuroTruckRadio Facebook: fbetr

(By: TruckerTom)

End of website translations

04 Oct 11:59

A few months back we decided to stop accepting new translations for the website, as managing these translations was a huge burden that ate away a lot of our time.

I wrote about the reasons why in more detail over on my personal blog, if you have interest in more details on why we ceased accepting translations.

Today we decided to disable all existing translations as well, so this marks the end of being able to see our website in anything but English.

For those of you who used our website in other languages, I'm sorry, but it was inevitable, within the team we only use English, and all our external communication is in English, so even though we have a large international community, for the time and effort, it doesn't make sense to maintain.

New Rank: Game Administrator Leader

02 Oct 19:10

Dear Players!

As you will have noticed we have made another new rank public this week. The title of this new rank is "Game Administrator Team Leader."

To continue efforts to improve our teamwork and systems further we have been trying out this rank over the past few months to help improve management of our Trial and Game administrators. As of now, there are 6 team leaders for Trial and In-Game admins who manage their own team of up to 10 admins.

Some of the main roles of Admin Leaders are the following;

  • Weekly and Monthly Activity checks
  • Weekly and Monthly Quota checks
  • Checking Appeals and Reports dealt with
  • Assisting Project Managers with Promotions and Demotions, noting that it is still up to the Project Managers to take those actions.

Admin Teamleaders are still required to keep to Admin quotas and do all the same stuff that Admins do.

Admin Teamleaders when needed are chosen from the current Adminstration Team.

Happy trucking!

TruckersMP Real Operations

02 Oct 18:44


Hello truckers!

On the 7th of October we're introducing a new event organized by our team. This is called Real Operations, or 'Real Ops'. During this event, our staff team will be creating realistic events on the route shown above (Venezia - Calais).

Realistic events as custom roadworks, police/border controls, fake accidents and a lot of police force showing on the route. Make sure you behave, or you might get pulled over! ;-) These random events will be created by our staff team and by our staff team only, no player interference. During this event, there will be no convoy leader. You could drive alone, or drive with a bunch of friends on the planned route while experiencing a higher level of realism caused by our staff team. You can take a break easily, or drive non-stop to Calais. It is up to you!

We've not done such an event before, so it's a test for you as for us. Things might not go entirely smooth, but we can only know by testing this event with a lot of players. The whole team hopes to you see you there, drive safe!

Here is a larger version of the route:


This event will on a dedicated event server and will be streamed on


TruckersMP Team

New rank: Trial Admin

23 Sep 14:49

Dear players!

Today we introduce a new rank into our team to improve our internal operations and to prepare staff members for their promotion to normal IGA. This rank is called "Trial Admin", and is similar to how the "Trial Support" rank works.

As a player, you won't notice that much of a difference in how things go since the rank will mostly have it effects on internal operations. This new rank is almost identical to the normal IGA rank, but they don't have in-game permissions.

To answer a question some of you might think about at this moment, there will not be a possibility to apply for this rank. We select current staff members for this rank.

Happy trucking! -TruckersMP Team